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A unique kingdom

One of the most unique kingdoms in the world is the Seto Kingdom. On the first Saturday of each August the Seto Kuningriigi päev, the Day of Seto Kingdom, takes place, where the next Seto king, ülemsootska is selected for the following year. Ülemsootska is the so called deputy of the Seto fertility god Peko. Sootska masters are also chosen in various crafts - traditional singing (leelotamine), handicrafts, cooking, music making, dancing and others. The location of the grand event is different every year - in 2014 it will take place at Mikitamäe. Taking part in some other Seto festivity is also an interesting experience: be it the kirmask, Seto Leelo Days or Easter festivities.

In the Seto Talumuuseum (Farm Museum) in Värska you can have a look at the Seto farm architecture in the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, their old tools and handicrafts. In the Tsäimaja (Tea-house) in Värska you can eat true Seto dishes.
Be sure to visit the Saatse Seto Museum, which is the first museum dedicated to displaying the Seto culture. It holds the most extensive collection of heritage artifacts with the main emphasis on introducing the culture of Seto men.

In the Piusa Clay House traditional Seto ceramics and unique arts and crafts are made under the eyes of the visitors.

To get the best understanding of the Seto way of living, travel down the Seto Külavüü, a route which begins in Võõpsu and ends in Luhamaa, passing through various Setomaa villages.

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