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An authentic way of living

Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Robert A. Heinlein

Here you will still find true and valuable traditions. I like it when I have grown the food I eat and our houses are constructed using materials from our forests. This is what I consider balance between humans and the nature. For some reason, other people call it eco-living.
Ragner Lõbu (a supporter of traditional building methods)

Many families in Põlva county live their daily lives in the beat of the nature.

Near Veriora you can find the Süvahavva nature farm, where over 40 kinds of herbs and remedies are grown. In the museum-wool factory in the village you can see how yarn is spun from wool.

In the old railway station in Piusa, there is the Piusa Clay House, where handmade ceramics are made using local clay. You can buy cups, bowls and various other handmade items, or make something yourself.

Local materials such as clay, gravel, wood and straw have been used for constructing houses, or heatable couches.

In Pihkva coastal villages the life follows its traditional route. People make a living by fishing and growing onions, just like it has been for centuries. In the traditional Lüübnitsa onion fair people come together from all over the coutry, even the capital Tallinn, to stock up their supplies. They say that the only proper place for onions is the coast of Peipsi.

If you travel around Põlvamaa, you will find people in every village who still follow old traditions. It's like you are visiting your own grandmother in the country.

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