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Energy from nature

“Thinking back to my childhood, I spent several summers at Valgemetsa. Kiidjärve and Taevaskoja are quite familiar from those days as well. This is probably one of the reasons why I think one of the jewels of Põlva county are the Ahja river and its sandstone cliffs, known as the taevaskojad – Heaven’s Halls. I can recall several of its little miracles of nature from my childhood, like the pine forests inhibited by an innumerable amount of ants. And even today my connections with Põlva county are always somehow about its nature, be it somewhere around Värska or in the Meenikunno bog. So I am not alone in thinking that one of Põlva county’s biggest values is its beautiful nature.”
Alex Lotman (biologist and nature protectionist)

The colours of Põlva county are green, yellow and blue. Green naturally represents the green forests of Põlva county. This area is one of the most densely forested locations in Estonia. From late summer onwards the forests are brimming with mushrooms and berries. We have almost no large manufacturies or industries.

Many people visit Põlva county to (re)find their inner balance. Around here no one is treading on your toes, no matter whether you are in the majestic forests of Taevaskoja or on the hillocks of Valgjärve or on the vast polders of Lämmijärv. We have got space, peace and time.

Spring comes sooner in Põlva county, and the summers last longer. The temperatures here in summer are several degrees higher than on the windy coastline. If you visit Põlva county in different seasons, you’ll find like a whole new scenery every time you come here.
The scenery offers endless hiking opportunities all year round. You can go canoeing on the Ahja or Võhandu river, or go on a bicycle or pushbike trip. In winter you can come and enjoy a snowshoe hike in a bog and ride with a kick sledge. Do not forget to bring your camera!
But when passing through our landscape, keep in mind the delicate balance of it, do not interfere with it with your knowledge or lack of it and leave nothing but slight footprints behind.

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