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Kick sledge trip to the uninhabited Salosaar

Adress Võõpsu alevik, Räpina vald, Põlva
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The uninhabited Salosaar is located in Lämmijärv, about 1.5 km from the mouth of River Võhandu. It is one of the thirty islands of Lake Peipus. The island is special thanks to its nature, history, and the fact that Lake Pskov starts at the eastern coast of the island. This means that during one trip, you can visit two lakes!

The guided Robinsonade to Salosaar and back lasts for about two hours. During it, we will move on the lake with kicksleds and stop on the island. We will explore a colony of cormorants, take a look at Russia, see an old farm and the German line of defence, and admire the view from the high shore of the island.

More information is available on our website.


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