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Living on the edge

The “Living on the Edge” project tells the tale of one special place situated next to Russia and Latvia, a place on the edge of the European Union – a place still untouched by the urbanised and industrialised world.

We have created a route through South Estonia for you and your friends. A total of 21 different sites, presenting the wildlife, culture and history of South Estonia and introducing you to sustainable solutions and innovative small enterprises, are marked with yellow windows. The yellow windows on the South-Estonian landscape have caught the eye of many people. Argo Ingver travelled through Southern Estonia and put together an excellent clip about the yellow windows. And about what can be seen through them. Watch the video – Suvine ringreis.

In Põlva county 5 yellow National Geographic windows can be found:
• On the Postal Road by the Estonian Road Museum
• In Valgesoo bog
• In the historical heart of Räpina
• At Podmotsa in Setomaa
• At Süvahavva

The project began in East Groningen in the Netherlands, where the aim of the windows was to draw people’s attention to locations, which best tell the story of the region. In the summer of 2013 the project began in South-Estonia with the help of Southern-Estonian Leader activity groups, the city of Tartu, National Geographic and South-Estonian tourism developers. As a part of the project, National Geographic windows, measuring nearly 6 m in height, were installed in various locations on the South-Estonian landscape.

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